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″I collect textures, materials and ideas to work with and from. I love the challenge of crafting incoherent parts into a whole through everything from illustrations and jewellery to sewing, writing or sculpture. It is an innate desire to strive and discover something new to share or story to tell that drives me.″
-- Ruth Steinback

Update [Oct 18, 2021]:
I tracked down the town archive of the Life Drawing event from the other week on the Halton Hills facebook page.
It can be found here: Ontario Culture Days Live Streaming from the Helson Gallery.

You can find the archived recordings from the other life drawing events as well. It was quite an interesting experience to hold poses to be drawn. I only got to see a few of the sketches and works from the day but they were absolutely awesome. I haven't watched the event yet myself - I'm not sure I can handle seeing myself standing there being all silly for that long... but the costume and props are still really cool. I'd love to see anything you created from the day!

Update [Oct 6, 2021]: Drawing in the Gallery with the Credit Valley Artisans for Culture Days 2021

I have had the pleasure of being invited to model in costume for the Credit Valley Artisans' life drawing class as part of Halton Hills' Culture Days 2021. I have never modelled for artists before, and I haven't had the opportunity to wear any costumes since March 2020, so we'll see how this goes. Apparently it is also going to be livestreamed? That will be a first for me too. I expect it will be lots of fun and more difficult holding poses than I anticipate.

• You can see more of my costumes;
• Find out more about Culture Days in Halton Hills;
• Go see the inspiring Credit Valley Artisans!

Cosplay Special Feature »
Sakura's Flame Kimono [Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles]

Tsubasa: Sakura's Fire Kimono
» Behind the Scenes: Making Sakura's kimono
See the costume come together from design of each of the parts through handpainting all the flames.

» Collected Photo Gallery
See a gorgeous collection of photos of the completed costume at various shoots and events.

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Update [Sept 4, 2015]:
In honour of its display at the Georgetown Library Cultural Centre I am honoured to announce the completion of the making-of walkthrough of my fire kimono!
If you would like to see the display in person stop by the Georgetown Public Library at 9 Church St, Georgetown Ontario. The display case is in the main lobby. There is also a unique opportunity to join a number of local artists (including me!) for a display and demonstration of our work for Culture Days running Sat Sept 26 from 10am - 5pm, and Sun Sept 27 from 1pm -5pm. Hope to see you there!

Art Update [March 26, 2015]:
Several more images have been uploaded in both my illustration (3) and sketch (7) categories!

Anime North Update [June 10, 2014]:
I'm finally able to upload some news about the reason why I haven't been very active on line for the past 5 months. Cat and I were working our fingers to bloody calloused stab wounds working on finishing off our Trinity Blood cosplays for CostumeCon32 and Anime North this year. It paid off though, at the AN Masquerade we won Best in Show for our workmanship and presentation! I'm still pretty floored, but wow. <3

More pictures will continue to be uploaded as time and discovery permits.

Photo Courtesy of Grayden Laing for Canadian Animation.

Relaunch Update [January 12, 2014]:
Hello again! It has been awhile, and you may notice some changes to the site. I've learned some css and javascript in order to streamline my galleries throughout the whole website. Now it will be much more efficient for me to update with new projects and artworks, and will hopefully be more pleasant for you to navigate as well!

Please forgive the missing descriptions on several of the jewellery designs yet and a few pages with content still blocked. I've been so intent on getting the site ready to go live that I haven't had time to finish pulling those together yet along with quite a few more things I need to catch up on sharing. Thank you for your interest! Please let me know if something doesn't seem right or isn't working - I may already be fixing the issue or it could be something I've overlooked the 30+ times I've been editing each page.

Once I get all a few more details all in order on the website I'll be uploading many new jewellery designs to my etsy store, so keep an eye out!

Further Updates:
• We have in-page navigation to help you explore, check the 'to top' arrows on the left of the headings
• [Jan 25] Pretty new menu images here on the index!
• [Jan 25] New pet photos online!

• [Jan 28] 2 more Logos and Design in Art: the inks for my website images & an older business card design
• [Jan 28] Formatted galleries and began adding images to several costumes in crafts
• [Jan 28] Completed cosplay galleries for Sakura (CCS) and A20 (.Hack)

• [Jan 30] Completed, at least for now, the Touhou Youmu cosplay gallery.