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Back to Top • COMICS » Home to one shot comics, old comics, and the longterm experiment that is sXi. I try to comic frequently but whether I do or not seems to be a bit of a sanity litmus test for me at the moment. Even when things are updating slowly here you can see the archives, character information, and other tidbits.

somewhere X inbetween // A patchwork story to practice without pressure of needing to get it right.

somewhere X inbetween

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Story of Ruin [2004] » 6 page introduction to a longer story. Ruin began in my extra year of highschool when I went back to run around and take fun courses. Aka I felt like taking a grade 10 art course while I was in the no longer existing grade 13 (yeah, it was confusing), so I did. And this was part of what I started making however I developed a project that I am willing to admit is over my head to accomplish right now. So these are the initial 6 pages that were created to show where I started. I hope to come back to this once I see where I go.
Jaws Meets the CLAW [circa 1997] » Perhaps my first ever comic?

Back to Top • WRITINGS » Non-graphical short stories and poems! As time allows I will hopefully upload much more.

Short Stories & Poems
String [Poemish]
Dryad's Song -- Paper Wings [Poem]
Ages [Poemish - a personal favourite]
Welcome to the 'Woods [Poem]
BadDog Chronicles Submissions [-from 1997!]

Journaling --
It may not be structured stories but I do have some interesting writing archived on my blog. While I've got so many diverse interests attacking my time at any given moment sometimes sitting down and full out storying gets left out. Instead I have got pages covered in scribbles notes and plans making nests between the pages and projects waiting for their chance. But livejournal has made sure I keep writing all the same.