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A20 from .Hack

A20! OMG LOL!!1!
Balmung, A20 & Helba. Did I mention my groupmates' costumes were spectacular? Photo courtesy Alex Luyckx.

Title: A20 Cosplay (.Hack Series)
Worn to: Anime North 2007, FanExpo Canada (CNAnime) 2007
Notes: A20 is a "newb" character from the .Hack series and was a requested cosplay for a skit my friends were doing with their spectacular cosplays of Helba (Cat) and Balmung (Connie) from the same series. Their idea required an obnoxious low level grunt for their very high-level characters to pick on and I obliged since she was a relatively easy costume. Her costume is pink with purple racing stripes and a weird collar. And many triangles (which ended up being kind of time consuming). OMG shes so girly! I also got to talk like a twit while acting as her. ^_^;

Our cosplay group won "Best Recovery from Server Lag" for our journeyman level skit in the Masquerade at FanExpo (CNAnime) 2007. And yes you can find us on YouTube. ^_^;; Sadly we had technical difficulties and our skit cut out 20seconds from the finale and me getting carried off stage! Our 'voiceover' died, we all froze, and there was just silence for a second until someone in the audience called out "Server Lag!" and was responded to with a cry of "Somebody call Bob~!" which was all kinds of awesome. A few skits before ours an incredible cosplay group (they won Best in Show) of the pretty much the entire cast of Reboot performed so the "call Bob!" comments were well within context. So much love for Reboot! <3

I'm still really sad we never actually got to -finish- our skit (especially after so much hype about me getting carried offstage!!) but it was pretty fun.

My favourite moment with this cosplay ended up being at an impromptu .Hack photoshoot at Anime North '07 when one of the other .Hack cosplayers randomly asked me if I wanted to pose with an absolutely massive plexiglass sword they'd reproduced from the game. This makes sense, hand the ultimate-weapon from the game to the lowest level newb character! There were a great many photos taken of which I've sadly found very few online ( I want to see D: ). I even got to demand a sword off with a passing Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII) cosplayer -- and won!

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