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The Making of: Sakura's Fire Kimono from Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles [Feb 28 - May 25 2008]

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Me! Photo courtesy of Alex Luyckx.

I can mark the day I officially 'started' this project as February 28th, 2008. It was the day I finally bought the white fabric needed for the kimono and got to work on turning the measurements for a kimono to fit me into a scaled down pattern on graph paper. Little did I know the level of insanity this would eventually achieve or the workmanship I managed to pull off because of it. I made a point of documenting the whole project while I was working on it, some through livejournal, some just with photos as I went along, I can now give you the breakdown of the project and how it came together.

After all the research I've done to pull together info to help me, I hope this might be useful to some other craftspersons and cosplayers too. There's never one way to make something like this which is way cosplaying can be so dang fun. But this is how I went about it, so here we go! :D

Reference Image
Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles Artwork © CLAMP
Reference Image from [ ]
I tend to accumulate costumes that I think look like a fun challenge so I can keep an eye out for materials and references as I find them. I chose this costume with the knowledge it was going to be a complex one for me and that this was the only reference image available.

(I did later discover that in further chapters of the Tsubasa manga a very similar kimono makes an appearance which I used to supplement my design, particularly in regards to the 'obi'.)

Looking at the reference image I broke Sakura's costume down into what eventually became 5 seperate parts with their own special challenges.

• The white kimono body itself
• The red tunic underneath the kimono
• The 'obi' sash thing
• The beaded strands
• The fabric paints to get the fire effect

» Stage One: Constructing the white kimono.

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