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The Making of: Sakura's Fire Kimono from Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles [Feb 28 - May 25 2008]

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A Final Review

I have gotten so much wear and use out of this costume. It's gorgeous and comfortable and always gets amazing reactions. The desging manages to keep me warm if its cool, and still cool if its hot. It's been 7 years at this typing since I made it (I was 23) and I'm still having professional seamstresses, tailors, photographers, and museum costume restorers and kids all make a point of stopping to tell me how lovely it is, and to ask questions. It has been so validating and very much an honour, I don't think I can even express it. Thank you.

Please check out the collected gallery of photos for this costume. There are some amazing and stunning moments captured there and I'm pleased to share them all.

Phew! :D

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