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Photo Gallery: Sakura's Fire Kimono from Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles


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Little puppy!
Photo Courtesy of CHKSH of the Pentax Forums.

High Park Toronto Cherry Blossom Photoshoot, May 5 2013

My brother's camera club was heading to High Park for the cherry blossoms and one of the guys mentioned that someone should bring one of these - and showed a photo of a japanese woman in a kimono. My brother replied with he doesn't have one of those, but he might be able to bring one of these, and linked a photo of me and my fire kimono in the snow. So I got up at 4am to get parking and catch the sunrise at the park and these are some of the results.

I'm not a very experienced model but I was complimented on being very patient and cheerful throughout the day. So I have that, and my kimono shines on its own. It was a wondrous, bizarre, and glorious day. I have never been photographed so many times in all my life!

Frozen Flames Photoshoot, February 9 2013

For years since I had completed the main kimono for this costume I had wanted to have a photoshoot with it in the snow.

Guildwood Photoshoot, after Anime North 2008

Candid Photos & Convention Sightings

I got to climb a couple meters up the ruins to get this one.
Courtesy Alex Luyckx.

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