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Photo taken with my camera by a random passerby at the convention! Thanks random passerby, you took an awesome photo~!

CCS Final Judgement costume reference.
CCS Artwork © CLAMP
Title: CCS Cosplay - Manga Final Judgement Outfit
Media: Fabric and sewing
Notes: I will upload a few more views of this at some point, the cape is beautiful. And I want to put up the reference picture as well so you can see what we worked from. My mom and I made this entirely. I'd always wanted to cosplay and figured if I only had the chance to make one costume it better be one I love. We spent about a year picking up the right fabrics (on sale) and making the pattern. Took a phenomenal amount of ratios and everything but all details are to scale with those in the book. XD My dad thinks my mom and I are crazy and he's prolly right, but thats okay because I love this costume so much. Has been worn in varying stages of completedness to several conventions now, as well as having the addition of both Kero and Spinney to the final effect!

All CCS characters and design are copyright CLAMP. I just made the costume. I also make no claim to the adorable stormtrooper beside me. But we take a nice picture together!

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