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Caterina & Seth, onstage at the Anime North masquerade. Photo Courtesy of Grayden Laing for Canadian Animation.

Seth costume reference.
Seth Nightroad & Trinity Blood Manga © Kiyo Kujo & creator Sunao Yoshida

Title: Seth Nightblood (Trinity Blood), with alternate hat; 2013-2014
Worn to: CostumeCon 32 Toronto, Anime North 2014
Awards: Anime North Masquerade 2014 in Artisan Division, Awarded Best In Show
Notes: My partner-in-cosplay Cat has been working on an absolutely gorgeous version of Caterina from Trinity Blood with hand beading and gold leaf. Seth and her butterfly dress was what caught my attention to match.

Once again I pick a costume that is so dang finicky! The proportions and layout on their own took months, and then the logistics of how to put it all together without sewing myself into a corner was just overwhelming.

I got to play around a little bit with the colour scheme because there is no single true reference. The biggest option was whether to have the lining be green or red/orange. I could not find a tone of red that looked right with my greens and with Caterina's red, but found a lovely vaguely metallic mid-green that worked wonderfully with all of them. Decision made! I also messed around with the colour positioning on the hat so that it better matched this costumes colour scheme.

The goal was to have them complete for April with CostumeCon 32 in Toronto, as well as Anime North in May. We had them wearable for CosCon, but certainly not finished. That took another overwhelmingly busy month to have them complete and shiny for the Anime North Masquerade. It was ridiculous, but they came out beautifully.

Photo courtesy of z-is-eternal of the Lockport Expeditionary Force.

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Trinity Blood Cosplay Photo Gallery: Seth Nightroad & Caterina Sforza

@ Anime North (May 2014) and CostumeCon32 (April 2014)

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