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Youmu Konpaku, Myon & Touhou Project © ZUN

I could not believe how complicated making such a deceptively simple looking costume was. Not to mention that every single image has slight variations to her costume design.

Photo courtesy of W1N9Zr0 from the Anime North 2011 Masquerade.

Title: Youmu Konpaku & Myon! (Touhou Project)
Worn to: MTAC March 2011, Anime North May 2011
Notes: I fell in love with the Touhou "Bad Apple" silhouette video and had to find out more about the characters. I adored the 'sword girl' immediately, who turned out to be Youmu, and when Kaatsumi was as interested in Flandre's crazy wings we had our next cosplays to plan! They are deceptively simple costumes. Everything had to be stitched cleanly and layered and ruffled and perfect or it showed on these costumes. We made everything too, from the skirts and underskirts to the blouses and vests, to all the accessories and props - including my two katana (handcarved) & ghost and Flandre's crystal wings!

• Edit [July 3, 2012]: I've uploaded a rough walkthrough of how I made my swords right here!

They were so much work! I never would have expected the intensity required for these costumes just by looking at them. I'm glad to have done them but I think I'll be aiming for the more dramatic costumes again in the future.

But oh goodness our skit. We showed these costumes in the Anime North 2011 Masquerade and we had an even more ridiculous skit than last year I think.

We won an Honourable Mention in the Artisan Division for Most Creative (use of) Lighting. Thats all kinds of awesome! I'm still sad we couldn't arrange to have the lights to turn off for our finale but I'm thrilled that people still seem to have enjoyed it. You never know how it went over when you're on stage!

Shall we show? We shall! [ Direct link:: ]

Anime North 2011, Touhou Entry: ″The Skit Your Skit Could Be Like″

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