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CRAFTINGS » I tend to make things. Sculpture, crafting, and particularly cosplay projects are all found here.

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Trinity Blood Cosplay: Seth Nightroad
« Seth Nightroad; Butterfly Dress [Trinity Blood]

Best In Show, Performance & Workmanship [Anime North 2014]

Fire Emblem Cosplay: Queen Elincia
« Queen Elincia [Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn]

Sponsor's Award for Best Wigwork [Anime North 2012]

Touhou: Youmu Konpaku
« Youmu Konpaku [Touhou]

Most Creative (use of) Lighting, Artisan Division [Anime North 2011]

Tsubasa: Peacock Sakura
« Sakura's Peacock Outfit [Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles]

Best in Class, Journeyman Division [Anime North 2010]

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Sakura's Flame Kimono [Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles]

Tsubasa: Sakura's Fire Kimono
» Behind the Scenes: Making Sakura's kimono
See the costume come together from design of each of the parts through handpainting all the flames.

» Collected Photo Gallery
See a gorgeous collection of photos of the completed costume at various shoots and events.
.Hack // A20 cosplay
« A20 [.Hack]

Best Recovery from Server Lag, Journeyman Division [FanExpo 2007]

Do it Rockapella!
« Carmen Sandiego [Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego]


Card Captor Sakura // Final Judgement Cosplay
« Card Captor Sakura's Final Judgement Costume

Non-competition; Numerous hall awards

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Ivalice Moogle Plush Poseable Plush Bunnies

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Making Prop Katana

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