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CONTACT & INFO » Here you can find out a little bit more about the artist and contact information.

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″I collect textures, materials and ideas to work with and from. I love the challenge of crafting incoherent parts into a whole through everything from illustrations and jewellery to sewing, writing or sculpture. It is an innate desire to strive and discover something new to share or story to tell that drives me.″

Currently I am based out of Halton Hills, Ontario, Canada.

Artists Portrait

Ruth Sketching at Elora Gorge, Photo Courtesy of Ian Steinback

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You're more than welcome to e-mail or message me, especially if you have any questions, comments or reports of broken links or pages. In fact it is very much appreciated! E-mail is hosted offsite so that if the website does ever crash you can still get ahold of me. Please type politely and I will respond as soon as I can when appropriate.

E-mail brightling (at) live (dot) ca: The most reliable way to get ahold of me online for any reason, no spam please!

Or you can find me around the following places online:
brightling @ ETSY: Buy unique items straight from my artsy Etsy shop.
Brightling @ DeviantArt: Hosts selected of my art, projects and such. Occasionally updated.
Brightling @ My cosplay account! A different perspective on some of my costumes.

Archival/Currently Inactive »
Elfwood Fantasy / Sci-fi Gallery: My oldest online gallery, with scifi and fantasy artwork.
Blog: I also have a blog at livejournal, though its pretty much an archive at the moment.
YouTube: Only a couple of videos, but you can visit if you like!

Portrait Adoption: A selection of my character portraits ready to adopt.
Support the Artist -- Jewellery, Prints, Merchandise & Commissions
Keep an eye on my Etsy store to see whats available!

Back to Top • In Media » Remarkably I've been featured in a couple articles for my creations.

Back to Top • Quick Facts

Height: 5'11'' (So close to 6'!)
Birthday: March 30
Astrology: Aries Ram/Year of the Ox
Strengths: My Sense of Wonder & Diversity of Skills
Weakness: Anxiety. When the thing I fear is fear itself... drat.

I guess I'd sum myself up through my love of stories, animals, and my constant need to be making something (especially involved in with either animals or stories). I'm pretty outgoing, especially considering how shy a kid I was, but I still need a lot of quiet time to retreat into between adventures. I'm very good at throwing myself into 'impossible tasks' being ridiculously determined to make them work despite the odds. Its fun when they work.
I dunno who you're lookin at but someone here's a goof...

Back to Top • Questions & Answers

Q: You make a lot of creative things, what do you like the most?
A: This is probably the most frequent question I get asked when people meet me. I can only answer one way: I love stories. In any way I can tell them. For me medium is an outlet and sometimes I think a story that will be illustrated turns out to be a necklace design instead. I switch back and forth between focuses, immersing myself for months at times before switching to another process entirely but still applying anything new that I've learned. Math is a language, sewing is a calculation, jewellery is a poem, and writing is just pictures in a different way. Its fun and exhausting living in my head I will grant you that.

Q: Why do you go by brightling?
A: universe by the motion --» bright universe --» brightling
My first internet presence was on Elfwood, and then in high school I picked up some basic html skills and ran with it, eventually ending up with the first website "universeflux" being a shortened version of "universe by the motion". Neither of which was easy for people to dictate. So brightling works my website became since I'm 'brightling' online and these are my works.

Q: How did you get your website?
A: If you're wondering, I designed and coded the entire website and html by hand, myself, in notepad. I'm a semi-competent code-monkey, but a ridiculously determined one.

I have since upgraded to coding in Crimson Editor which is basically notepad with some really neat tools. The most recent iteration of the site involved learning css coding and how to incorporate some javascript to have more compact galleries. That was an interesting learning curve. My gallery script is running off of highslide with a number of alterations and I seem to have effectively pieced together some css in the process.

Q: What are your creative influences? / What do you do when you're not making things?
A: I'm so pleased that you asked! The list was getting a bit long, so it got its own page here.