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All my jewellery works are hand-made with care to produce durable, versatile jewellery. I cannot precisely replicate any piece due to the piecemeal way in which I collect inspiring materials and the tendency I have to always want to make something new. I am more than happy to discuss working on a custom piece as a variation or inspired from one of my other works if at all possible. Prices will be subject to change depending on complexity and the cost and availability of materials.

My ideas come from playing around with colours, materials and shape. My hope is to have designs that fit the individuals that find them. Finding a balance between the delicate and the strong because jewellery should only serve to support the person who is wearing it. The size of your wrist or neck should have little at all to do with it. Something that will stay where you put it, and keep shining in even the slightest light.

Check out my etsy store to see what is available immediately!

Not everything available is currently live, but there is a lovely selection there. Please feel free to contact me if there is a specific piece listed that you'd like to inquire about! I am available via e-mail or through messages on Etsy or deviantart and will get back to you ASAP.

A Note on Jewellery Care:
It is recommended not to wear most of my jewellery designs while swimming or in the shower. The soaps and chemicals can damage or discolour the materials. Properly caring for any of your jewellery will keep it strong and brilliant for a long time to come.


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