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Title: The Bruce Trail Adventure [September 23 2006]
Notes: So my friend Dana and I went geocaching along the Bruce trail. It ended up being a very successful cache. And a very [VERY] successful walk! What was supposed to be a few kilometer 2h-ish walk ended up being about a 10km 6h walk. But dude was it awesome! All the snakes and things were found - after - we deviated from the intended course. And there was a neverending boardwalk through like marsh and forest. And there were the ladders over the farmers fences on the trail that I've always thought would be neat to climb. I got to climb about 7 of them :D

Here's the path we ended up taking. Feel free to follow along!
1 Find the pink blob. Its where we were parked/started. The pink route is the 'correct route'.
2 The black star is where the cave and newt thing were.
3 The pink star is where the final stage of the cache actually was.
4 Where the blue trail takes over is the section we went past point 3.
5 The red star is where we thought the last stage was. Note its not on the trail, hence we never found it.
Since it didn't exist XD
6 The blue star is where the first snake was found.
7 The orange star is where the second [Milk] snake was found.
And that is how our 3-4km 2h walk turned into a very successful 10km+ 5-6h walk!

Pictures and commentary follows.

This is the neat cave we had to go in at one stage. The opengin wasn't very big but it was neat and dark and quiet in there. And filled with spiders, but thankfully most of them were up higher.

On the way back to the path from the cave I found this guy in the leaves under our feet! I've never seen a live lizard in the wilds of Ontario so that was incredible. It 'hid' under a stick - a very narrow stick, that was really a brown peace of grass - while we got pictures. Unfortunately more of them didn't turn out. :(

The best shot.

The morning was really damp and foggy yet strangely cool and mild so it made from some gorgeous dreamlike scenery. The soft greens with the hint of fall fire seeping in made from some nice photos.

I got a picture of a chipmunk! It was darting in and out of two opposite sides of a stump at my feet - squeaking in surprise each time it appeared and 'discovered' that I was still standing there. :3 The composition really reminds me of the chickadee photo I got on the first day I ever had my camera.

This fungi stuff reminded me of icicles. I'll need to find out what it was.

Here's another dreamy tree photo in the fog right after the sun came out full force and it started downpouring. Yes, all at the same time!

One of the many pretty little waterfalls we walked past and over.

You'd never know how pretty this little stone bridge was driving over it. Good thing we took a detour. This was taken right after we set off for points unknown to locate the final cache. We discovered (much) later that it was actually back near where we'd started. Ah well, all the better for an adventure!

Obligatory pretty tree shot! It warmed up and wasn't foggy or rainy any more about here.

Another pretty stretch of stream shot taken from a bridge we took over it.

Mushroom Mushroom!

Snake! This pretty little snake (we think a colour variation on a Garter Snake) was in the middle of the path near the other hikers checkpoint. I love the serpentine smoothness of how they move.

Snake! It also let me tickle its head and under its chin with a little twig when I was trying to guide it off the trail so noone would trample it.

Oh~ its a snake! This ones a Milk Snake. We found it by the side of 17th Sideroad. It was more defensive than the earlier snake. But the milky patches on its markings show that its going to shed its skin soon. The closeup shows the pattern on the top of its head better.

Its a snail. With a raindrop hanging off its butt. Hanging off of moss. Hanging off a tree. Yes I was amused.

A neat big frog that didn't want its picture taken so it attempted to hide by partially climbing a tree.
Didn't work so well don't you think?

But some hours later we FINALLY did find the last cache! Here is Dana shown looking triumphant. Instead of just being a really successful walk, it also turned out to be quite the successful geocache excursion. Hurrah!

Oh! And these are the porcupine quills I picked up on the one stretch of extra path.
They feel like the quills of feathers really.

Wow. Definately a very awesome day.