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Back to TopPet Photography » One of my side jobs is petsitting. Sometimes I bring my camera along!

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Sasha Sasha Sleeps in Sunshine

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Back to TopThe Mantis Project » I've always been absolutely fascinated with praying mantises since the first time I encountered one. Every now and then we'd rescue one from the pool, or find one in the lawn in our yard, but they certainly weren't common. My love of the silly things was cemented when I found a rather large one that quite delicately took the broken pieces of my dog's jerky treat to eat. Ever so politely even!

Eventually I got my digital camera and started taking photos of mantids whenever I found them - large ones, tiny ones, hidden in the grass, crawling up my mom's arm.

During the summer of 2008 there was an abundance of praying mantids in the grasses of the field behind my house. I've never seen so many before! I got so many photos that they didn't seem to fit with the rest of the photos here anymore - I thought they might outnumber them! That and not everyone may be as thrilled about these insects as I am. Then in the fall I found the first mantis egg case (also known as ootheca)! As I'm writing this my parents and I have collected a combined total of 9.5 such cases (more as I post this). Each one could hatch into 50-200 or so baby mantids! If they weren't eaten or crushed first - most of these we found knocked off onto the snow in the middle of the trails, some clearly bird pecked too. So the mantis project may end up documenting what happens this spring when I re-release them into the wild. Or something. :3

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