AGES -- Ruth Steinback
I was wandering through the stories at Elfwood one night when I just started typing. This is the result.

One time voices sounded.
I will create something wonderful.
Why? Of what purpose is this?
I will because I can. It will be wonderful and great because I can make something wonderful and great.
Then do so if you wish.
A beautiful place bloomed, colours unfolding and blending into existence.
Tell me that what I have made is great and wonderful.
Why must you be told? You have created something truly wonderful and great. Isn’t it its own confirmation?
I want to know that what I have made is great and wonderful. How can I know if anyone but I thinks it so?
Who must tell you? There are no others.
Beings grew and changed, learned and sought.
Now there are true beings to admire what I have made.
They are wonderful; they thrive with what you have given them. Why are you displeased?
They do not know me. They do not appreciate what I have done for them.
What will you do? Is not there being and joy enough?
A great change overcame the existence. The colours grew dim, the joy less, what was whole began to break.
What have you done now?
I will show them. They will learn to appreciate everything.
They do not seem appreciative. They seem lost.
Then they should ask for help. They should know who has helped them.
In desperation smaller voices began to be heard.
They speak to you now. What will you do?
I will give gifts to those who name me.
Gifts only? Not the existence they’ve known before?
If they go back then they’ll forget me again.
The beings grew used to the dullness of things, stopped remembering things were better.
They don’t remember you now.
Then they will lose more.
Will that really accomplish what you want?
Yes! They will be as I say.
The existence disintegrated, shattered beyond existence.
You broke it.
No I did not! They did not understand anything. They destroyed themselves.
They were not as they could have been. I can make them. I can make them wonderful and great in every way.
Though to what purpose it will serve, you may if you wish.
A wonderful existence bloomed, colours bright and blending into being. At some point beings were formed…thrived… lived…broke…
I can make it something wonderful and great. I can keep it perfect.
I wonder if they ever will.