Welcome to the 'Woods -- Ruth Steinback
Playing around with a style of poem that I really enjoy both loose and structured in varying measured. And as a 'thank you' to Elfwood for just being there.

In the eyes of a child
The potential is real
The world’s magic is tangible
For them to see and to feel
But the older we get
We seem to forget
As this life crashes down
Drives our dreams into the ground
Can’t see beyond our eyes
They’ve polluted our minds
With this truth
Of reality
Claim our dreams are all lies
Yet we fight to resist
To find just one place
Where these wonders can try
Once again, to shake open their wings and fly
We stumble to the shade of this one small glade
That stretches over the rise
And dream in a breeze that blows through the trees
That the legends can still come alive
The phoenixes cry, the dragons thrum
Creatures of legends, to them we have come
The stories are aging
The myths long ago
But here
Beyond time
In these ethereal plains
The lifeblood of magic
Still flows in our veins

Welcome to the ‘Woods.