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Elincia costume reference.
Elincia & Fire Emblem Artwork © Intelligent Systems and Nintendo

Title: Queen Elincia (Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn)
Worn to: Anime North (May 2012), personal photoshoot
Awards: AN2012 Sponsor's Award for Best Wigwork (since I made an actual celtic knot out of wig hair for Elincia's bun)
Notes: I was feeling somewhat lousy about having basically no photos that showed off my Elincia costume after so much dang work was put into it. My brother had a new camera system to test out and we had a free Sunday afternoon so I totally lucked out and got some amazing shots.

Elincia Radiant

I think this is my favourite shot with this costume that we got. There is no digital editing to this at all, the sun through the trees was bright enough that the reflection between my breastplate and hands just made this -glow-. Its such a delicate effect. I'm so happy I have something I can show off for this costume now!

So far this has pretty much only been worn at the Anime North 2012 Masquerade. If you do have any photos of me as Elincia from this convention please do send them along. Thanks~

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