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Title: The Newt Saga [October 22 2007]
Mom and I had an awesome adventure on Friday that began when I was eating brunch and she was reading the paper.

It looked odd, was moving, and was in the pool. I pointed it out to my mom. I thought it might be a praying mantis or a walking stick. She thought it might be a big grasshopper. It was a newt!! Same kind as the one Dana and I found on the uber-walk. An Eastern Newt. We (and presumably it) were very glad to find it. The water was cold, the air not too bad. But he'd made it about about halfway up the side of the pool cover before doing a spectacular fall back into the water. Mom went out to save him, discovered its Newt-ish qualities, and I was out to come see too. A quick dash back inside was made to grab le camera (with thankfully full batteries).

So we pulled it out.

He liked the warmth that was our hands and wandered about.

My mom likes this pictures of him *collapsed* over my fingers.

I like this one 'cause his legs are at funny angles and you can see his asymmetrical spots nicely.

Climbing up mom!

I finished food while mom researched local weather forecast and what species he was, along with its standard diet. Weather looked promising and staying reasonably mild. With this information it was decided his best chance for survival was to take him down to a muddy patch by the stream with lots of plantlife for hiding and food sources for eating and hopefully he'd get settled in before a cold-snap. We don't normally see these in our area!! Our backyard isn't really set up for him to over-winter there, and theres no way we could replicate his diet well enough for him to survive with us feeding him until better weather. Newt-friend got cozy in a margarine tub with some water and leaves and rocks we pulled out for him until we figured out what to do next.

*outside shot* He's non-hydrogenated!! [pssst! Look for the shadow! Apparently people keep missing it...]

*interior shot*

Mom pulled out a worm from the pool-cover for him too but he didn't seem hungry (unsurpising due to likely exhaustion and possible shock) but did stare at it skeptically for a while.

*iz camouflaged*

Travelling facilities! I think people along the way were wondering why we were carrying around a margarine tub. Cuz it was awesome, thats why!


*peeks* This is seriously the most adorable pose ever!! :3 *coos lovingly* I like his side pudge wrinkles.

"Whats down over here?"

We checked out a few locations and decided on the best one. Newt was very happy to grab onto some new plants. Though he did seem quite curious about the whole phenomena of carrying him a few blocks in a strange little tub. It was fun!

Then he was eaten by a kitty.

NOT REALLY!! We just got to pet the kitty on the way home and I got pictures of it, too.Came home and discovered this tongue shot which in sequence with all the newt pictures made it look like it just finished dinner. *mew* I pet fuzzy cute things whenever I get a chance to these days. :(

And thus was the awesome newt adventure of '07. It was cool! I can't believe the pictures all turned out so well.

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