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Title: The Roadkill Dragon of Happiness [March 30 2004]
Notes: So the story was that my dad wanted to pick up something on the way home from work for me for my 19th birthday since everyone had been out working and stuff so nobody was home that day. I really hadn't been expecting anything, no plans, figured it wasn't a really big deal. While contemplating picking up flowers my Dad recalled both my love of dragons and a sushi place he had eaten at before and made a connection. They'd had this really neat sushi called a dragon roll that was all made of to look like an Oriental Dragon and was apparently quite stunning. So my Dad called ahead for take out and picked it up already packed in the little boxes on the drive home to surprise me for dinner.

What they don't tell you about take-out dragon rolls is that they don't come preassembled.

I kept asking why he was laughing so hard in the kitchen but he informed me to just wait and not come in. My Dad spent quite awhile trying to assemble the various bits and pieces into something that resembled a dragon. He cut the green plastic into fringe, placed various scraps as face and limbs, and rolled eyes out of the wasabi they'd included. Wasabi was also used to glue various bits of 'dragon' to other bits. This was the outcome.

In honesty, I tried a bit and did really care for the texture but the whole process was just too hysterical. I laughed so hard the back of my jaw hurt. We dubbed it the Roadkill Dragon of Happiness because we really couldn't think of anything else to do. I think it may have been both the best and worst possible introduction to Sushi I could have ever had. I still can't hear 'sushi' without raising an eyebrow and giggling.

While waiting for people to come home I decorated my own cake with another dragon - freehanded with icing for the outline and then filled in with crushed chocolate chips. Tasted good!

To finish the evening off we also had a cameo from the "Never-ending-bag-drawer" once my mom came home and the inanity continued -- the drawer we stored spare plastic bags in wouldn't close. So she started pulling bags out from behind it, and they just kept coming!

I have the most interesting birthdays.

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