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Look at her awesome feet!

Title: A turkey in our yard? [April 24 2009]
Notes: We had a very peculiar visitor in our neighbours yard, then that evening in our yard (eating under our birdfeeder), and shortly thereafter it hopped onto the rail fence and into our other neighbour's yard (apparently it didn't like me following it around with a camera without a fence between us). Its a turkey! We think, probably. It was big, and very loud. :3 I had a blast watching it all day. I was kind of hoping it would roost and stick around but I think everyone else was happy that it eventually mosied off. Did I mention it was loud?

Look how awesome she looks when she runs!

I love how alert and aware she looks. She was definately less shy of me when I was taking pictures over the fence (within 2 meters of her) than she was without that barrier between us when she was in our yard later.

She had pretty freckled feathers too.

So if it looks like a turkey, and acts like a turkey... is it actually a turkey?

I also got this lovely shot of the trailer-red squirrel while I was out following the turkey. Ain't it sweet? Its nested pretty solidly inside the trailer since we haven't used it in a few years. I left it peanuts on the log above it all winter. It swears at us quite thoroughly whenever we walk by.

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