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Moogles and character design © Final Fantasy / Square-Enix My plush version of an Ivalice style moogle
Moogles and character design © Final Fantasy / Square-Enix -- My Plush pattern is all mine though!

Plush Ivalice Moogle [Final Fantasy XII & Tactics]

This soft toy was entirely self patterned and handcrafted over several months based on the character designs from the video game Final Fantasy XII.

There were dozens of felt mock-ups created to develop my final moogle pattern. It has plastic pellets in its feet and body for weight as well as soft stuffing throughout. Wire armature is inside the limbs and wings for posing, and the limbs and neck are jointed. The ears have strips of thinly wrapped aluminum sheet so they don't have the bulk of the wire but are still completely poseable. The pompom is made of styrofoam and a red feather boa. It is attached to an imbedded Chicago screw in the moogle's head so it can actually be removed for travel and storage.

The whiskers are extra long fur patches sewn into the cheeks. This fur also gives added dimension inside the ears. The eyes are hand painted clear acrylic safety eyes and they have subtle eyelids out of the same material as the paws and ear linings. The face is needle sculpted and I hand-embroidered the mouth, paw pads and raised footprint details. I think I used somewhere around 180m of thread hand stitching the darts and seams on the final version!

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